Marketing Summit: Boston

The F+W marketing team just wrapped up a super productive marketing summit in the Adams Media offices in Avon. Given that so many facets of (and people in) the F+W marketing departments are new, this brainstorming session was necessary and useful in helping to focus 2011 goals.

2011 frontlist initiatves that have me most excited:

  • HOW Design Live: I am so stoked to start planning surrounding events to hype this enormous design conference and to start conceptualizing promo opportunities before and during the event. This may be six months away, but I am already working on establishing Chicago-based partnerships and giveaways (any design bloggers or Chicago-based companies want to get on board with hosting an event? Get in touch!).
  • Print Magazine Transformation: most exciting is that this is happening right now, and it’s an ongoing project throughout 2011. Working with various prestigious design firms to create a unique aesthetic for each 2011 issue of Print is such an exciting and versatile opportunity; I can’t wait to gauge the enthusiasm of each firm and relaunch mini PR plans for each issue release.

Interesting to me was the divide of ideas regarding target audience relevance that occurred between various members of the marketing team. Most importantly, how can the “hip,” “young” sect of buyers be lured by nonfiction titles in a less-than-ideal economic setting? There are obvious platforms, such as Tumblr, that appeal to this audience, but we also discussed more exciting outreach efforts (such as live music events, comedy tours, etc.) that prove effective in this subgroup.

Despite the publishing industry’s gradual transition into the media-centric, tech-happy world (thanks in huge part to the introduction and widespread acceptance of ereaders), the lack of grassroots-esque marketing is almost mind boggling. Even though there is an alleged interest in the e-reader phenomenon among youth, publishers across the board are missing the opportunity to appeal to this audience through effective marketing techniques like the aforementioned, and the implications behind this speak volumes about 2010 book sales versus e-reader sales.

F+W’s forward-thinking mindset on these topics is unique and exciting, and I’m so delighted to be a part of a team that is freshly enthused and knowledgeable to execute effective marketing strategy in 2011.


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