Digital Book World Day 2: future eBooks will be seriously AWESOME

ONE REQUEST BEFORE I DEBRIEF: if you’re reading this, are under the age of 26, and you happen to be in the publishing industry… will you get in touch, please? Thanks so much!

Today was JAM PACKED with information. Proof:

not even all of the notes I took. not even close.


We started off talking about different industry trends by reviewing CEO surveys that debriefed perceptions of the future of the industry. (Fun fact: 80% of surveyed CEOs believe their company needs significant retraining as the industry becomes more digital.) Jane Friedman (CEO of Open Road Integrated Media) totally swept me off my feet during a CEO roundtable, and Cristina Mussinelli (of Associazione Italiana Editori) did the same in her discussion of the publishing industry of Europe (I love me some Europe!).

Now for the (very short recaps) of the panels I attended…

  • ePUB 3.0: Updates and Enhancements – the topic of the merging of HTML5 with CSS3 is all a’buzz  at DBW11, and for good reason. Not only will ePUB 3.0’s debut in May create a standardization that will help all publishing companies (right? right?!!), but it also brings to the table one of my favorite debate about the future of eBooks: to javascript, or not to javascript? The biggest problem with javascript?:

  • …and yes, viruses on eReaders are of course a big deal, but Liza Daly did some demos this morning that made me crave javascript in all of my digital books. With or without javascipt, ePUB 3.0 has much to be excited about. I’m most excited about the (hopefully sophisticated and feasible) incorporation of annotations. Book nerd, yay!
  • Beyond the eBook: What’s Possible? – Holy wow did these men have some fantastically innovative ideas. It’s hard to describe this panel in words (the demos were truly what did it), but think Harry Potter-esque “living” paintings translated to your iPad, only on magazine and book covers. Think slideshows, videos and audio, all embedded in your favorite stories. Think scaleable, flexible authoring tools and the ability to connect to all social media devices through your books. All awesome thoughts. Charles Stack from Sideways demo’d some really great “3D” image capabilities, and also showed choose-your-own-adventure esque interactive capabilities (it allows you to view images from around the world by navigating a map, or read various diary entries by browsing a calendar). This panel had me very excited for the future of books.
  • Building Author Brands: Working with Authors who Do Effective Marketing – Umm, hello, welcome to my world! It was very cool to have authors, editors, publicists and marketers all in the same room to talk about effective marketing online. It’s always a challenge when you’re presented with an author who has no idea how to build a digital brand, and the panel reiterated an idea that is basically a part of F+W Media’s mantra: becoming a part of your audience’s community is a vital tool in marketing. Judith Haut, from Random House‘s digital marketing team, noted three important elements to online marketing:
  1. Understand your available tools
  2. Define yourself
  3. Understand your audience
  • They spoke over & over about the importance of an author’s voice, and how it needs to remain consistent throughout all of their mediums (their: book, Twitter, Facebook, website, blog, etc.). This was all very reminiscent of what I do on a daily basis, and the various opinions will surely prove helpful in my day-to-day.

Two days down and one to go. Make sure to follow the #dbw11 hashtag on Twitter for the final day of live coverage tomorrow!


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