Growing up, my dad was always a huge fan of Superman. I remember the way he laughed when he got a roll of film developed from a recent business trip, and most of the photos were of him and his colleague posing with the Superman statue in “The City of Metropolis.”

…but the whole “superhero fandom” thing isn’t exactly genetic (sorry, Pops). If I’m diving into anything, it’s a good Jane Austen.

But when my incredibly talented photography friends Sarah and Chris from Dark Ink Pictures asked me to pose as one of the members of the zombie girl band from a comic they’re working on… well come on, how do you say no? So two of my jeerleader friends – Kristina and Rosalie – joined me in slathering on the green body paint, poking in the white contact lenses and bringing out our inner, brain-eating bad asses.

Obvious disclaimer: I do not play guitar. I have never played guitar. I am holding this guitar like a complete foreign object… don’t judge.


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