Call Me Kris Kris Bang Bang

There are very few things I love more than confident women who are kicking ass and taking names. Insert: Gotham Girls Roller Derby.

Team Bronx!

Team Bronx!

…if the idea of me trying to flop around on skates is as comical to you as it is to me, let me clarify: I’m not actually skating on the GGRD league, but I’ve instead joined the ranks as a “Jeerleader,” the league’s answer to traditional cheerleaders. You can find me rink-side, cheering on my team (go Bronx!) and bopping around center stage with halftime entertainment.

My gridlock mani + poms.

My gridlock mani + poms.

Last night’s Manhattan vs. Bronx bout was my first – if you’ve never been, you should seriously consider going. These women own it… flying by in my peripherals, these girls are oozing with talent, determination and passion. Standing rink-side I felt like part of the action; taunting my fellow jeerleaders and keeping tabs on our jammer, I felt a fullness and a sense of fun that I think it’s sometimes hard – in our busy, NYC lives – to really embrace. Rocking pigtails and fishnets, I let myself play for a night… and I’m still buzzing from the benefit that had.

My Bronxie hearts didn’t pull through for the win (damn you, gridlock manicure. I thought you’d be a good luck charm!). But it’s only the beginning of the season – Bronx will up their game all around, trust.

Kris Kris Bang Bang

Kris Kris Bang Bang

You should check out a bout sometime. Because really, who couldn’t use a night of letting loose now & again?

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