Weekend Away: Boston

One of the best parts of East Coast living is how easily you can up & go to other East Coast cities. This weekend I needed a little escape… so I went to visit my friend Maddie – a former NYC’er – for my very first trip to Boston!

It was a rainy weekend, but that made for perfect weather to catch up with an old friend (we’re talking high school) over tea and good food. Strangely, I also thought the rain felt totally appropriate to the ambiance of the city. With its cobblestone roads and beautiful architecture, it has an “old time” feel that I was very into.

Admittedly, I didn’t venture far from Harvard Square – Maddie lives near there and spending time with her was my priority. That said, I definitely saw some sweet spots while I was in town.

Some Boson Spots I Totally Dug:

  • Boston Tea Spot
    Ivy creeping up a brick wall in Harvard Square.

    Ivy creeping up a brick wall in Harvard Square.

    : Guys, I have a confession – I am straight up addicted to bubble tea. I’m pretty sure this is a “duh” staple to Harvard Square frequenters, but to me? Holy whoa, their Taro Tea was unreal – I had it twice in the three days I was there. Rich, milky, delicious. Get it!

  • Grolier Poetry Bookshop: Poetry isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but if nothing else, go in to meet the owner of this adorable little independent bookshop. She has the best recommendations for places to see in the city. As for me? I picked up some John Ashbery and Adrienne Rich.
  • The Harvard Campus: Another “duh” maybe? I don’t know, a lot of people told me not to bother visiting campus, but I loved walking around. It made me a little lustful for a Harvard-educated undergradute experience that never was (hah!), but it really feels like a place out of a fairy tale.
  • Petsi Pies: A place that has pies, scones, chai lattes and a quaint little ambiance, Petsi Pies was my little “slice” (…oh geez, I’m rolling my eyes at myself even) of heaven. I tried their apple pie and aforementioned latte – the consensus for both is “delicious.” Just trust me on this one: go.

As I was walking back to South Station on Sunday, I walked alongside the race that was held in honor of the victims in the Boston Marathon shooting. It was chilling, and it was liberating – to see these people come together and stand up in the face of fear and anger… it was inspiring. A small moment of serenity, no matter how unfortunate its surrounding circumstances – a small moment of solidarity.


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