A 4th of July in Sag Harbor

Peter's Pond Beach in Sag Harbor.

Peter’s Pond Beach in Sag Harbor.

The Hamptons: the picaresque summer getaway for every city dweller. Some friends and I escaped to Sag Harbor for 4th of July weekend, and despite munching on potato chips and cookies all weekend, I am feeling so incredibly refreshed.

The house we rented had the perfect trifecta of entertainment: pool, hammock, trampoline. Admittedly we spent most of our time sippin’ drinks in the pool, but I may or may not have jumped my body to literal exhaustion yesterday on the trampoline (I did. Let my aching calves serve as confirmation: I definitely did). We also did some exploring around Sag Harbor, and with its quaint personality and breathtaking harbor, it was the perfect choice.

Some Places to Check out in Sag Harbor

  • Big Olaf: It may not look like much from the outside, but this ice cream shop should not be overlooked. With homemade waffle cones comes the aromatic wafts of vanilla… which was probably a huge part of the lure for those in the line the wrapped around the block. The cones here were huge (I couldn’t finish my “one scoop”), but I can vouch for their trusted and true strawberry.
  • Peter’s Pond Beach (pictured above): This is, hands down, the best beach I have ever been to. It is small, QUIET, uncrowded and just beautiful. Staring into the horizon, I felt at peace with the world, with my life, with myself. Honestly, the hours we spent there were transcendent, and I don’t say that lightly. Tip: do a real estate tour of the beachside houses. Sure, it may inflict envy, but they are beautiful.
  • The American Hotel: In the mood for a martini? They have the best. For real.
  • The Harbor: The yachts parked shoreside are so very Hamptons-esque… big, beautiful and luxurious. After the fireworks, all the yachts tooted their horns in unison. Totally cool, totally new to me. Next time I’m in Sag Harbor, I’m going to find someone to take me sailing.

When it comes to any weekend getaway, my biggest piece of advice is to go with people you love. My company made all the difference this past weekend, and I hope it’s a weekend we can recreate for years to come. Now, to rest.


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