On Friends and Love

One of my best friends got married over the weekend. He is the first of my close friends to get married, and it’s a strange reminder of life moving its course in a natural but terrifyingly rapid way.

I stayed with some of my closest friends in a quaint apartment we rented in Atlanta (a city I hope to explore more in the future). We spent the weekend remembering the times that helped shape us and that contributed so heavily to our growth as young adults. We talked about love and life and our futures. Sometimes we just sat in knowing silence, relishing in these too-short moments that we knew had a weekend-long shelf life.

I have the best friends in the whole world. They’re all painfully far away, and sometimes I feel lost from them. But right now I’m dreamily hungover in the enormity of my love for them, and I need to document it so i can remember this feeling.

Though admittedly it’s a hard one to forget.

Celebrating Christian's wedding with my best friends.

I kind of actually think I look very munchkin-like in this photo, but it’s literally the only one of all five of us. ❤ 

So many congratulations to Christian, one of my best friends and one of the kindest, most hilarious, big-hearted and loving people I know.


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