Wooooo, Pig Sooie!

I love football season. Any excuse for nachos, beer and hanging out with friends all day long each weekend is okay in my book.

Last night I headed to Hurley’s (bad part of town, pretty awesome bar – their rooftop is fantastic) to watch the Arkansas game with some Arkansas alum… and one fellow OU alum (I have no allegiance to Arkansas, but did I mention nachos? And beer?).

Have you ever pulled off an awesome “woo, pie sooie!“? Yeah, prior to last night I had no idea either… but man, I wish my Bobcats had a game-scoring cheer that was nearly as fun. The weather had that perfectly brisk almost-fall feel that’s the perfect backdrop for a football game and lends itself magnificently for rooftop spectating. I’m soaking up these last few warm weekends while I can, and I’m glad I got to do so with some pretty rad folks.


Heading to Hurley’s soon? Try their pulled pork nachos (dyed red last night in honor of the Razorbacks!)


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