A Wedding in Chicago

Right now, I’m in what I’ve come to refer to as my “Chicago Hangover” – every time I visit the city where I grew up, I come back to NYC and wonder why I ever left Chicago. It’s my favorite place in the world, and I’m buzzing with how great of a visit I had over the long weekend.

I was home for my cousin’s wedding, which took place at Union Station. Despite spending a lot of time at Union Station zipping back and forth from the suburbs to the city growing up, I’m embarrassed to admit I’d never been in the grand hall area, where the wedding took place. Let me tell you… stunning. Just… breathtaking. Ceilings higher than you can imagine, a grand staircase that just screams elegance, and marble floors just made for dancing on… I have been to a lot of weddings in my day, and never was I left speechless upon entering the venue of the reception until now.

There’s a thing you need to know about the Nehls family – we’re a family that can sit around an Exchequer pizza for a family meal, or a deck of cards for a game of Circle of Death (yeah, we went there), and regardless of the circumstances we just own it. Maybe it’s the 20-something cousins I have or inherited genes that just know how to have a good time, but no matter the reason, the endgame is always the same: we’re the first on the dance floor and the last ones to leave. This weekend was no exception. We partied and we partied hard.

Other highlights of theweekend? Seeing my Irish grandparents (there’s nothing like an authentic brogue), bar hopping in Logan Square, bloody marys at Quigley’s, a trip to Kohl’s (KOHL’S! NYC, you need to up your Kohl’s game), a bonfire with my parents (including s’mores, obviously) and some much-needed one-on-one time with my little sister.

Chicago, my heart is yours. Always.


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